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Dirt Attack Rd 3

John “Tolstoy” Green

We arrived to a fresh summer’s morning only returning from holiday the day before relaxed and ready to finish off my holiday with a great days racing.

The track was wet in places from some overnight rain that had come in. The weather forecast looked good for the day with the rain to return later in the evening  so we thought we would get away with any showers that may of been due…..How wrong we and the weather app were.

I decided to run my New 3.1 which I had been built at Christmas ready for the DXR meeting that was due to take place over Easter but was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid.  I transferred the setup from my old 3.1 on to the new car which also had a few updates that my old car didn’t have so I was looking forward to seeing what the difference would be.

Practice RD

I went out with the new car also supporting a new colour scheme on the new shell that was painted by Craig Campbell of Deepset Designz.  I cautiously hit the track with the new car to get a feel for it and learn to see what the rear trigger shock shafts and rear taller tower would make.  The car felt really good and the rear longer shock shafts did I make a big difference from the older car.

Straight away I was on 6-lap pace in 322.89 pretty much the same as the old car which was encouraging. Not many of the other drivers in the same heat as me went out as I think the wet track conditions put them off.

Qualifying RD1

I hit the track which had now dried considerably since practice and the car was awesome and hooking up really well and maintaining pace on the evolving track. I would be on 6 laps in 312.35 which I would end up finishing in 4th place.  I opted to run on the proline M4 compound tyre which I believe are the best tyres for East Shrewsbury circuit.

Qualifying RD2

Round 2 I really started to gel with the new car and could start pushing, I had a few good tussles with Jamie Bowen before getting the better of him down the main straight and taking the place for the overall finish of 3rd in the heat. The car was faultless and only let down by me (Just need to be quicker generally and shave a few seconds off myself) This round would see me using Proline Holeshots in M3 compound as the track was drying out. This was the only change that I made to the car.

Unfortunately, whilst we were marshalling the 1st heat of round 3 the rain came in and did it just! the track was left wet and greasy so there would not be many times coming through for improvements.

Qualifying Rd3

Our turn came and I was on the rostrum ready and waiting, Everyone else watching me thinking I was mad as it was teaming down with rain I shouted over are we racing or what? to the other drivers. It was then announced that we would wait for a while and let the weather pass and hopefully clear up. The weather did break for our heat but most of the fair-weather racers didn’t come out in our heat as it was too wet for them (their loss).

I finally got out and cracked on, the car felt great and enjoyable to drive in the conditions but still that’s part of the fun I wouldn’t improve unsurprisingly but nevertheless it was another 6-lap run in 324.52.

With the weather ever changing and the rain spells continually coming in and out it was decided that we would scrap round 4 qualifying and go into finals to try and beat the weather.

I would qualify 7th in the A Final which I was more than happy with but unfortunately my over exuberant cleaning of the dirt and muck off my car with the hose pipe would see me get a little moisture in the electrics and on start up the throttle was intermittent and doing odd things of its own. Gutted as I was not to be able to start the final, I had still had a strong day of qualifying and was really pleased with my results with the new car.

Well done to Craig Campbell for flying the RC Motorsport flag for the team by making the A final along with myself.

Not being able to take part in the final would see me lose a lot of points and drop down from 3rd overall down to 10th but hey ho, I enjoy a challenge. I will be back in September stronger than before to get myself back into the running.

Thank you as always to the young Cate for her exceptional pitting duties for me. Hopefully, my usual pit crew will be returning to pitting duties in the not too distant future to assist the team.

Thank you to the RC Motorsport team for the use of the Gazebo pitting area along with the usual banter and fun that’s had in there.

Thank you to the sponsors RC Motorsport and CML Distribution

  • My RC8 b3.1 set up
  • Ride height
  • F 23mm
  • R 25mm
  • Team associated shock oils
  • F 37.5w
  • R 32.5w
  • Yellow spring front and rear
  • Front roll bar Black
  • Rear roll bar Grey
  • Tapered pistons front and rear 1.2 & 1.3
  • Shock lengths
  • F 103.5mm
  • R 120mm Running longer truly shock shafts
  • Rear Long carbon shock tower
  • Rear wing STD kit
  • Team Associated diff oils
  • Front 10K
  • Centre 7K
  • Rear 5K
  • Rear factory team weight 35g
  • Proline Tyres  Blockade M4 compound
  • Proline Hole shot M3 Compound

Team overall finishing positions

Sarah DNS

Bryn B Final – 5th overall 24 laps/1542.92

Craig A Final – 6th overall 25 laps1547.67

John A Final DNS

All products listed are distributed through CML and can be purchased through our website (subject to availability).

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Dirt Attack Round 2

Craig Campbell

Out today at the second round of the East Shrewsbury BRC Dirt Attack.

Well a better outing to the last time out, with the weather holding out for us today as well.

A change of set up on the car and it was going in the right direction this time with the car feeling good and plenty of pace in it.

Q1, feeling good after practice out on M4 Proline Switchblades with it being cold, the tyres worked well but showed fast wear on them as track temp was between the M4 and M3.

Q2, I went out on same tyre with another good run, pushing the car more and more and getting the seconds off the time, but this time had worn the tyres off.

Q3, Still on the same set up, but changed to the old faithful M3 Holeshots, giving me a bit more drive and more grip in the dry dusty conditions but made a couple of mistakes on my part.

Q4, No change to the set up as I  was happy with it and still using the Holeshots tyres as they seem to be giving me the best all round performance, think my best was a 6/306.

On to the finals lining up 5th in the A final, I was looking to try and stay there but with a fast field this could be tricky, I opted to change to  the M3 Fugitive tyre for the 25 minute final, with the OS2103 type R engine I was getting around 9 1/2 minute in the hot  but opted for  8 1/2 min refuelling stops.

I got off to a good start with not too much change till the far side of the track where I clipped the track marker putting me on my roof and that put me on the back foot, but there seemed a little problem with the car when it came off power which think may off been caused earlier on with a big crash, but I managed to carry on until around 8 min from the end of the race when I noticed my front tyres had come slightly unglued but plodded on to finish and to come home 7th.

So, to sum it up, was a good day, I’m happy with the result and another day learning the car and feel I’m going in the right direction with it now and I’m looking forward to getting some more off my lap times.

  • Car               Team Associated RC8B3.2
  • Diffs             10.7.4 Team Associated Diff Oils
  • Shocks         f40, r37.5 Team Associated Shock Oils
  • Engine          OS Speed
  • Servos          Savox 2292SG
  • Tyres            Proline Switchblade, Holeshots and Fugitives

Sarah Hilton

Just got home from the Dirt Attack Round 2 at East Shrewsbury.
It’s been a fun day.

Practice session – My tyre choice was wrong, but I persisted with them, then had an engine cut.

Round 1 – I set off and was doing OK. Had a different tyre on that seemed to do OK. Made some silly mistakes but completed round 1.

Round 2 – I started off OK, I’d changed the rear shock oils as it was a bit twitchy and back end happy. I did have a slight off too which had pushed the exhaust pipe back, causing it to crack and produce a hole in the exhaust. I was doing OK, then had the engine cut again. Craig tried to get it started but it wouldn’t run once you removed the glow start so ended the session.

Round 3 – changed the glow plug and adjusted the camber so set off from the pitlane, halfway round the 1st lap the engine cut again! Another glow plug gone.

Round 4 – the engine still wasn’t running right so had really low placing in the finals.

D Final – Craig let me borrow his OS Speed AD engine. I didn’t have chance to tune it though so it was running rough and I couldn’t get the top end speed. I started off at the back but slowly got through the field. I did have 2 engine cuts but that was due to running out of fuel because I didn’t know how long the engine could run for. But it was getting to the last few minutes of a 15-minute final and I’d worked my way up to 1st place. Every time though when they call my name and say I’m in 1st I just go to pot, but I kept my head and came home in 1st Place and if the Covid restrictions weren’t in place and we had more drivers, I would have bumped up into the C final.

Thank you so much to Craig for pitting for me, and Kev for pitting in the finals.


John “Tolstoy” Green

We arrived on a glorious summers morning for what would be a great days racing. The track looked in perfect condition ready and waiting for the days racing ahead.  Drivers briefing was called and over with we got ready for the first round which would be practice.

Practice Round

The car felt really good from the off even though it was only practice. The car felt composed and solid through the corners offering great feedback and fantastic grip from the proline M4 Blockade’s.

The changes that I made on the car prior to the practice run were mainly diff oils opting to try something new, running 10K, 7K, 5K oils to give me more forward drive to the front end of the car. In practice I would be on 6 laps in 332.92 just slightly behind Craig Campbell and his RC8b3.2.

Qualifying RD1 

With qualifying underway the car felt very crisp and sharp thanks to the diffs and the heavier oil in the front end. The car gave great drive through the corners pulling itself round without any dramas whatsoever. The run was consistent with virtually no errors on my part. This would see me put in a 6-lap run in 318.13 just a couple of seconds behind Craig Campbell. No further changes were made to the car for this round.

Qualifying RD2

Round 2 qualifying got under way and with the grip levels starting to come up with the warming temperatures really started to suit me and my setup as I was really finding a consistent pace and speed. The car and grip levels were fantastic, and the car was really coming alive and handling well. This would see me put in another 6-lap run in 319.05.

Qualifying RD3

Round 3 qualifying got under way again with the grip levels increasing I stayed on the proline M4 Blockades as these tyres were working really well for me. The car felt on point throughout the entire run and I would maintain 6 lap paces in 316.23 and finish 2nd behind Craig Campbell.

Qualifying RD4

The final round of qualifying was upon us and I would go out to try and improve my time. With a solid mistake free run it just wasn’t to be and I would end up chasing Craig round for the entire run and finish up on 6 laps in 316.60.

I didn’t make any further changes to the car for this final run.

With 4 solid rounds this would see me in the A final with the big guns which I normally don’t get to run up against.

The A Final

I Qualified 7th in the A final with Craig 1 place in front of me so I had nothing to lose form the off. I had a great start and managed to make up a few places from the start which would see me up to 5th place. I managed to maintain 5th place with a little bit of Lady Luck on my side would see Gary Gregory and Craig Campbell drop out so I just kept on pushing for the 25minutes and bring the car home in 5th place which I was more than happy with. 

My 3.1 was on point all day long and was a joy to be at the wheel of. The changes to the diffs made a big difference to the car giving me plenty of drive throughout the day. The car was really strong through the corners both on the racing line and even on the loose dirt in some of the corners. There was very little over steer with positive steering on entering corners at speed. 

I would like to thank Young Cate for her exceptional pitting duties in the absence of my usual pit crew, another fantastic job as always.

Thank you to the RCMotorsport team for the pitting hospitality in the team gazebo and the fun and banter had by all. Looking forward to the next round.

Thank you to the sponsors RC Motorsport

CML Distribution

My RC8 b3.1 set up

  • Ride height 
  • F 23mm
  • R 25mm 
  • Team associated shock oils
  • F 37.5w
  • R 32.5w
  • Yellow spring front and rear
  • Front roll bar Black
  • Rear roll bar Grey
  • Tapered pistons front and rear 1.2 & 1.3
  • Sock lengths 
  • F 103.5mm
  • R 120mm
  • Rear wing STD kit
  • Team Associated diff oils
  • Front 10K
  • Centre 7K
  • Rear 5K
  • Rear factory team weight 35g
  • Proline tyres Blockade M4 compound
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Dirt Attack Round 1 – ESBRC

Bryn – RC8b3.2

Having built my Team Associated RC8B3.2 from CML Distribution and only able to run it for a short time at a practice session before my 2 year old engine decided it was time for a new one,  I was looking forward to getting out for a race meeting as although I had only used it for a short time, I was amazed at how different  it felt than my 3.1, and was hoping for a good race.

My new Ultimate M3  engine arrived at the shop on Friday, so it was a case of get it in the car and run in ready for Sunday.  I was able to sit it on the box at the track on Saturday afternoon when I went to help put the final touches to the track and run a few tanks through it. 

From the outset the car felt stable, hugging the track and corners, and landing nicely from jumps. I ran the  car as kit set up apart from 7,000 diff oil in the front diff and more rear toe than standard with 26ml ride height all round.  The engine was performing well and just needed a bit of tweaking, although not much as  I was already getting about 9 minutes run time to a tank. 

Practice and qualifying went well with my times improving all through, even though a tyre came off the rim the 3.2 was so stable it was under control and steering well and I had no problems in continuing to race and to carry on to complete that qualifying session and only dropped 9 seconds from my fastest time.

The B final was really enjoyable I started 4th and by the first lap I was up to 2nd then held it there for 4 laps before Jaff nipped in and  pipped me to 2nd but I regained that position from lap 6 – 9 then took the lead in lap 10 to 17, dropping back down to 2nd on lap 18 then regaining the lead again on lap 19 and just an engine cut on the final lap let Jaff through to finish 1st with me coming in 2nd.  A thoroughly enjoyable 25-minute final with some good racing between Jaff and myself. 

All in all, a great debut for the new Team Associated 3.2 and I’m  looking forward to the next event at East Shrewsbury to hopefully build on the positive feel of the car and improve lap times and results.  

Thanks to Craig for my new body shell – fantastic job!

John “Tolstoy” RC8b3.1

Finally, with the lock down easing we were allowed to race and what better place to finally kick off at but my home track ESBRC.  We arrived at the track on a glorious sunny summer’s morning, the track was perfect, and we were all itching to fire up the engines and get on it.  We unpacked and set up in the RC Motorsport hospitality tent whilst observing social distancing.

Drivers briefing was called and we got our selves ready for the round of practise to ease ourselves in.

Practice Round.
I chose to try some tyres that I had not run before Proline Sidelocks In the M4 compound. I bolted them on warmed up the engine out of hibernation and hit the track.

Straight away I was really Impressed with the tyres they were Offering adequate grip and the car felt good and predictable. I must salute the Track crew because for a track that had not been run on since march until the recent pre booked practise sessions the track with Its new updates and recent works that had been completed was an absolute joy to drive.  The car Itself felt competitive and I enjoyed easing myself into a rhythm and just learning the track and getting a feel for the new Improvements.  I only completed 5 laps but I think this may of been a niggle In the timing software as It seemed to time me out before 300 seconds even though I was on track before the clock started.
I managed a 5 lap run In 299.20

Round 1 Qualifying
I remained on the same tyres as I did In practise as I didn’t feel the need to change anything on the car or the tyres so I left the car as It was and just cleaned It up ready for the next round.  Once again the timing equipment timed me out before 300seconds so I only got another 5 lap run In 289.20

Round 2 qualifying.
Round 2 I decided to try a different tyre as there was quite a lot of loose dirt and dust being kicked up by this time so I went with a Proline Blockade In M3 compound especially as It was now getting a lot warmer as the sun warming us all up nicely.  No other changes were made to the car just tyre changes and a clean down ready for the next round. The tyres were pretty good and did offer more bite. The car still felt confident and sure footed with no cause for concerns with any risks of grip roll from pushing hard into the corners.  I managed a 6 lap run In 340.38 this time I didn’t get timed out so I got a descent time In which put me further up the leader board.

Round 3 qualifying
Round 3 I tried the good old favoured M3 Holeshots that work really well on this track so I bolted them on the car and hit the track. The car was a different beast and Instantly felt like I had the right tyres on for the job. The car felt a lot quicker but a few mistakes from myself didn’t help matters.
I secured another 6 lap run In 348.79  I still didn’t feel the need to change anything on the car setup at this point as the car was more than capable, Its mainly down to the tyre choice on this surface.

Round 4 qualifying

Round 4 I stuck with the M3 Holeshots as these gave me the best chance of going quicker and securing my place In the A Final finger crossed.  I went out and gave It my all the run was solid with very few Incidents to cost me any time and I would be rewarded with 6 laps In 332.14 which would be my quickest time of the day.  Once again I didn’t change anything on the car before this final run or for the final.

The A Final.

My first meeting out after the lockdown to make 6th In the A final I was well happy especially as I was racing against some strong opposition In the way of RCM team mates.

I lined up ready for the 25mIn run with my new Pitman, Adrian Stevenson Jones, who did a great job along with his son Nathan who had looked after me during the qualifying rounds due to my usual pit crew being side-lined for parental duties for a while.

We set off for the first lap where I made up a couple of places  due to the usual first corner mishaps which got me up to 3rd, but I wouldn’t be there for long as the chasing pack soon caught me up and I made a mistake and got hung up on a pipe. Still, there was a long race ahead so I got on with It and set about chasing the pack down to try and pick them off as best I could. A few further laps would see me catch 6th place man who I would chop and change places with over a few laps before I got past and started to pull away from him.

I must confess I did have a little bit of Lady Luck on my side as Gary Gregory dropped out with a mechanical issue before I started to catch Steve Price and slipped past him in the pit lane. A few laps later Steve would then be forced out of the race with electrical gremlins. This put me up to 4th place which Is where I would remain for the rest of the race. I was more than happy with my result and the way the final played out. Any place gained on your starting position Is a goal In my book.

To summarise the 3.1 was a joy to drive and delivered where It mattered the Blok engine was singing flawlessly all day long with still plenty more to give yet (There’s 10mIns In the tank I’m sure of It).
The meeting ran like clockwork with Young Cate at the helm with a little help from my side-lined pit crew Nina Thank you ladies.

I would like to say thank you to the ESBRC crew the track looked and was fab to drive.

Thank you to my Pit crew lads Adrian and Nathan you both did a sterling job lads.

Thank you to the RCM team for the hospitality and the rest of the ESBRC lads.

Thank you to the sponsors CML Distribution.

Hopefully see you In August for Round 2

Set Up :

  • Ride Height
  • F 23mm
  • R 25mm
  • Shocks – F 37.5wt Yellow springs/R 32.5wt Blue springs – Team Associated Shock Oil
  • Front black anti roll bar
  • Rear Grey anti roll bar
  • Factory team 1.2 & 1.3 tapered pistons
  • Shock lengths
  • F 103.5mm
  • R 120mm
  • STD Kit wing
  • Diffs
  • F C R
  • 7K-7K-5K  – Team Associated Diff Oil
  • Rear weight 35G
  • Tyres
  • Proline Blockade
  • Proline Slide Locks
  • Proline Holeshots

Craig  RC8b3.2

Well today was the first round of East Shrewsbury BRC’s  Dirt Challenge and for me it was a challenge with a few up’s and downs.

Q1 – engine moved.

Q2 was a bit better, but not fully happy with the car set up I had put on, car felt quick but was twitchy to drive in places, but track was dusty and testing

Q3 different tyre and roll centre change made a difference but still couldn’t improve on my time

Q4 gave it more toe in on the rear to help a bit, this made the car more stable but could have done with changing the diffs but didn’t have time to.

B Final

lined up 2nd on the grid but with not many to pit I started from the pit lane, so joined the back of the pack after they started. I headed off to start heading through the rest of the cars, getting to P3 on the first lap chasing down the front two then after a couple of laps I got through to the lead after the front two cars got tangled and started to put some space between me and P2 then on my fuel stop I cut, so fired back up and headed out but then had a clutch failure so race over. So to sum the day up it was a bit up and down but even though my setup wasn’t working to the best I still learned a lot about the car as it’s only the 2nd time out and can only be up with the car and look forward to what’s to come

Set Up

  • Car Team Assoicated RC8B3.2
  • Servo Savox 2292sg
  • Engine OS Speed AD2
  • Diffs 7-10-5 Team Associated Diff Oil
  • Shocks 42.5-47.5 Team Associated Shock Oil

Sarah – RC8B3

Today was the 1st round of the Dirt Attack series at East Shrewsbury. The track was lovely and smooth after rotavating and rolling but by god there was some dust.

Practice session was up and it was like driving on ice. It was slippery and dusty but a good challenge. I went steady round, to get a feel of the car but I needed to alter my set up as it was back end happy so it would spin easily.

Heat 1 was a bit better as a few of us brushed some of the dust away so there was a bit of grip (if you stuck to the racing line). I came 3rd in this heat.

Heat 2 was still a little slippery, but it was a lot better.

Heat 3 I changed the rear pills to give me more toe in on the back end, which really suited my driving and made it feel a bit more planted.

Heat 4 I put a new set of tyres on and they had really good grip, especially with the pill changes.

Overall, after the 4 heats, I was placed 12th out of 20 and qualified into the B Final. Not bad seeing as I haven’t been on track properly since the beginning of December.

B Final

I started 5th out of 6. I got off to a fairly good start, but the new tyres I’d used for heat 4 went off halfway through the finals, so the grip had gone and it was tail happy again. I still managed 20 laps and stayed in 5th position so I was pleased with the result.

I’ll have to have a bit more of a play with the car and different set ups but can’t wait for the next Dirt Attack round.

Thank you to Cate who was in Race Control. And everyone who came and stuck to wearing the correct PPE and social distancing etc.

All bodyshells have been designed and painted by Craig at Deepset Designz

Thanks must go to CML Distribution for their support and all products supplied from them can be bought through our website subject to availability.

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Dudley 1:10 Winter Series

Craig Campbell

On Sunday I  went down to the last round of the Dudley winter series, always an enjoyable laid back and fun meeting with some fast racing.

Q1. Went well – with a chassis change and esc set up change, the car felt great and easy to drive getting into the rhythm and getting a 15-lap time.

Q2. Didn’t go quite as well as the first session, however,  the  car was getting better, the track grip came up a little and with the tyres bedding in a bit the  car was on the money until I  started getting caught up with back markers and I made the odd mistake.

Q3. Again no changes to the car as I was happy with the way it  was taking to the track, but again I got  caught up with back markers coming through the field and a tangle with one ended up with me getting stuck on one of the track weights losing a lot of time, but that’s racing.

Q4. So last round to get a good time in, again no change to the car as I was happy with it, so off the line with only 4 cars ahead and all was good, the slower cars moved over a bit more which resulted in a good clean run and getting the 16 lap time that I was after.

Finals. Lined up 8th in the B final, got off to a good start and got round the few cars that got caught up on the 2nd corner then up the wall ride and got through up to 3rd after a few more cars got tangled at the bottom, but after a couple of laps  I made a mistake that put me to the back of the field, so head down to get back through but I could only manage to get back to where I started, 8th overall.

So to sum up, it was a great day of racing with friends and a catch up with those I’ve not seen for a while.  The track was great, and  the meeting was run well by the Dudley crew. My Team Associated RC10B6. 1 was on rails and the Reedy gear powering it round was faultless all day. 


Set Up

Team Associated RC10B6.1

Team Associated shock oils – front 32.5wt, rear 27.5 wt.

Diff 2 gear 7K

Weights – brass bulkhead 32g under lipo.

Camber 1.5 all round

ESC Reedy 510 r

Battery –  – Reedy 4500 mah LiPo

Motor – Reedy Sonic 7.5 t

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Brookthorpe Winter Series – John Green

We arrived at a dark and cold and damp morning. The weather forecast was saying there would be rain coming in around 12.00-1.00. As the day broke it was clear and and reasonably pleasant.

Unfortunately, the turnout was very low as I think the potential forecast had put a few people off venturing out.   We started racing around 9.15 with only 2 heats but still at least it was chilled with a break between rounds.

Round 1 

The track was very greasy and not offering much in the way of traction in most of the areas. We opted to go out on the Hobao Angled Spikes which would be the tyre of the day, due to the track surface we wouldn’t be deviating from this tyre anytime soon. The car felt drivable but struggled to get the power down due to how slippery the track surface was. I had plenty of space around me so I just kept putting in the laps minding my own business when I found I’d climbed the pack and was currently leading them all round right up until I started to catch last place to lap. It was never going to happen so now desperately trying to get past them I was forced into taking chances I didn’t want to take but then started making mistakes. Before I knew it, I had lost my lead and then found myself finishing in 4th place with 8 laps in 6.44.

Round 2 

This round I decided to change a couple of things on the car just to try and get a bit more steering from the car and make the rear end a little more planted.  I shortened the rear wheelbase slightly to make the car turn faster and I also lowered the rear camber links and well as using the alternative hole in the rear hubs.  The car did feel a lot better but it did seem a little firm and didn’t really ride the bumpy sections unlike it has done before on the track. I think due to the cold temps the oil was just cold and very thick so this would explain the heavy damping feeling.  This round would be an improvement over my first-round benchmark. I would finish 1st in my heat with 8 laps in 6.38 which was a quicker time than my first run.

Round 3

Round 3 would see the dreaded weather start to take a turn for the worse, a check over on the car back in the pits would see the bearings to the input shaft to the rear gear box starting to fail. Fortunately for us we caught this before it failed otherwise it would have been catastrophic. Bearing replaced and everything else looked spot on so back out we went. No major changes were carried out this round apart from a check of the ride height. 

Out on track it was very slippery this time but was still drivable, nonetheless. I just took my time and drove my own race. This round I would finish 4th again with 8 laps in 6.35 just over half a second behind 3rd place.

Round 4 

With the drizzle now looking as if it was going to stay with us for the day, we went out for what would be the final run of the day. The car felt good and drivable the only change we made this round was the Hobao tyres, we went for a softer compound to try and get a little more bite. This worked well for us and we were mixing it up there at the front end of the pack. Surprisingly this would turn out to be my fastest time of the day with 8 laps in 6.32.

After the qualifying was completed, I would be seeded 9th overall. 

Unfortunately, that would be the end of the days racing as the weather really did turn for the worse just after the last heat. It was deemed that we would not run finals and where we qualified is where we would finish.

My Team Associated RC8b3.1 was very rewarding to drive today.  The whole package with the engine performed flawlessly and were more than quick enough to hold our own. We showed today that its not all about raw speed and power if you can’t use it anywhere on track.

I would like to say a big thank you to my ever so supporting Wife and Pit-crew Nina who looks after me in the pits and the car on the track.

I would like to thank my sponsors,

RC Motorsport.

CML Distribution.

  • My 3.1 set up
  • Ride height 
  • F 23mm
  • R 25mm
  • Shock oils Associated
  • F 37.5wt  Yellow springs 
  • R 32.5wt Blue springs 
  • Front black anti roll bar
  • Rear Grey anti roll bar
  • Factory team 1.2 & 1.3 tapered pistons
  • Shock lengths
  • F 105mm
  • R 120mm
  • STD Kit wing 
  • Diffs Associated oils
  • F  C  R
  • 7K-7K-5K
  • Rear weight 35G 
  • Tyres
  • Hobao Angled Spikes

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AWS Round 3 – Deerdale

Chris travelled to the East Midlands on Sunday to compete in round 3 of the AWS series .

Morning practice – Icy conditions and not much grip to start. The day started off ok but as practice progressed, I started to suffer with an electrical problem.

Heat 2 carried out some work on the car before hand and removed the switch to see if this was the problem as the car kept cutting out electrically and didn’t get past the first lap.

Heat 3 having changed more of the electrics went to the start and before we got on the track it was cutting out again.

Heat 4 changed the receiver managed to get my first run of the day in.  As I had only completed 1 heat I was at the bottom of the pile but then the only way is up.

Final  – During the warmup the car decided to glitch again, but a little change to the handset and it seemed to work, so to the line we went. I had a brilliant start and got up to about 5th.  I made a stupid mistake and the marshal couldn’t get to the car due to traffic which cost me loads of time.  I managed to get back up to tenth overall.

I’m glad the weekend’s over as it’s been one issue after another, however, the few laps that I did run, my Team Associated RC8B3.1 handled well.  Onwards and upwards!

Next meeting NitroXcross at Nene Valley.  Thanks to the pit bitch for putting up with me and I even managed to teach her Dominoes. Also, thanks to Jon Howell’s for the set-up tips this weekend as well.

Chris used the set up that he used for Brookthorpe as the attached set up sheet, just changing his rear Team Associated shock oil to 35wt and front to 32.5 wt.

Thanks to the below





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Ledbury Winter Series Round 4

We arrive just after 7.00am to a dark and cold venue, The weather promised to be dry and bright as the day progressed,  fortunately for us this was the case as this week due to me forgetting to pack the pit tent we had no option but to pit Alfresco.

We set up our table and got the gear out in between catching up with everyone wishing them a happy new year.   A few drivers were on track getting in some practise as soon as it was light enough. I chose not to as I was still getting tanks of fuel through a newly rebuilt engine. I got my last heat cycle tank through it and that was that practise over.  Drivers briefing was just that, brief, and it was announced that qualifying would be commencing at 9.25 sharp.

The track was damp to begin with so I opted for the Hobao angle spike tyres as always.
I didn’t make many changes apart from the diff oils which I was running 7-7-5 which was different from what I was running at Brookthorpe.

The first round we ran was just purely to get a tank of fuel through the engine with it now pulling the weight of the car so I was looking a proper wet fart with no real power, but I just kept out of the way of everyone and feathered it round to the finish.  Surprisingly I wasn’t last with a 5- lap run.  Even with a very rich engine the car felt a lot better that it did previously at Brookthorpe on the Astro.


We started to lean out the engine a little keeping an eye on the engine temps throughout the rounds to make sure it was running sweet.  Once again, I drove my own race against the clock and once again the car ran sweet all throughout the run and we improved with a 6-lap run.  Again, we weren’t last. We didn’t make any changes to the car for this run apart from engine tuning as the car felt on point with the Hobao spikes and the speed we’re running at I don’t think any changes would of really made any real impact on the car.

Really started to lean the engine out now to start unleashing some of its power. The sun was out now and warming the track nicely to the point where we switched tyres to the Proline pinpoints. With the engine now having a lot more to give and the package showing some pace we could now start to get in the mix of things. We did just that and we suddenly found ourselves at the front end of the field finishing 3rd in the heat with an 8-lap run. This was a good encouraging boost for me, and I was just hoping to have another repeat of this in round 4.

The final round came and with the sun still shining on us we went for broke. The engine was tuned furthermore to help the campaign and was really starting to sing but just enough to stop it reaching the high note of self-destruction down the main straight.  Well it certainly paid off,  as one the whole package was on fire,  we finished 2nd in the heat and I believe I broke my first ever 9-lap run at Ledbury. This really was turning out to be a great day of racing on the last day of my Christmas break.

We would end up qualifying 3rd in the D final after the last 2 rounds which I think helped me jump up the table somewhat.

The D Final
We started off and made a great start and kept ahead of the usual first corner pile up behind me and 1st place man kind of just sped away. I pushed him for several laps when I made a small error and with a late Marshall ended up down in 4th place. I kept my cool and started to catch up 3rd place and just pushed and waited for the mistake to come, which it did, so I made my move and went for it. I then set about catching 2nd place man which I did and stayed there for pretty much most of the race. We came in for fuel and this would see me drop back to 3rd place but still with a comfortable lead over 4th place and in the final bump up spot. After the 15mins was over I came into the pits elated that I had bumped up into the C final.

The C Final
We started off for another 15 mins with me starting in 12th place. By the end of the first lap I had made it up to 7th place then 6th then into 5th before sitting in 4th place for most of the race chasing down hard on Steve Price. We even had a pit crew race in the pits as I followed him in the pit lane hoping to get the jump but today wasn’t going to be the day but I chased him for another 2 laps forcing him to drive defensively as I was just hedging my bets on making my move when I was getting a little too over confident and the car grip rolled on a corner. With the Marshall not looking I was there for a while, so I dropped places. I wasn’t fazed I just got on with the job and started chasing again to claw myself back up to 4th place. I had a fight with an electric car who decided to cut the track for position but Karma always wins and he crashed so I passed him and went.
After the 15mins I would end up in 4th place overall which I was more than happy with especially as I couldn’t feel my fingers so that wouldn’t have helped my driving too much.

My Team Associated RC8B3.1 was absolutely fantastic to drive and was spot on all day even with the engine running in being undertaken at the same time.

I would like to thank the best pit crew ever on her fantastic efforts both in and out of the pits as always you are irreplaceable even in your current condition – (The Boss Nina G)

I would like to say a big thank you to the sponsors for their continued support
CML Distribution

  • My 3.1 set up
  • Ride height
  • F 23mm
  • R 25mm
  • Shock oils Associated
  • F 37.5wt Yellow springs
  • R 32.5wt Blue springs
  • Front black anti roll bar
  • Rear Grey anti roll bar
  • Factory team 1.2 & 1.3 tapered pistons
  • Shock lengths
  • F 103.5mm
  • R 120mm
  • STD Kit wing
  • Diffs Associated oils
  • F C R
  • 7K-7K-5K
  • Rear weight 35G
  • Tyres
  • Hobao angled spikes
  • Proline pinpoints

See you at the next round

John & Nina G
AKA (Tolstoy)

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NitroXcross Winter Series – Rd 3 Brookthorpe

Round 3 Winter NitroXcross – 29th December at Brookthorpe. 

We got up at the crack of dawn (5 a.m.)  to travel to Brookthorpe to compete in Round 3 which had attracted a much better entry than the previous 2 rounds – the weather was dry but the track was damp and very slippery, we arrived early enough to get under their covered pit area, which saved having to put up the gazebo.   

With Christmas lights hung and a never-ending supply of mince pies, pork pies, Christmas chocolate and biscuits, the water boiler on for hot drinks, tunes playing  – the usual good- natured banter started we were ready for the day! 


Round 1  – went out to see what the grip was like and whether my tyre choice was the right one and to get to grips with the new jump, but engine problems meant I couldn’t finish the heat.

Round 2 – I went out again to try and finish a qualifying session and stayed on Hobao Angle Spikes with the same set up and  was having a good session, settling into the track when the plug blew just after a jump and that was the end of that round. 

Round 3 – Try again and hope to finish a session, which I did, putting in  6  laps in  340.00

Round 4 –  Out again still using Hobao Angles and managed to improve on my time but not laps. 6 laps in 331.00.

C Final – Qualified 8th in C Final – finished 5th completing 17 laps in 944.00

  • Set up
  • Car Team Associated RC8B3.1
  • Diffs 10.10.15 Team Associated Diff Oil
  • Shocks 37.5 front 32 rear Team Associated Shock Oil
  • Tyres Hobao Angle Spikes
  • Engine Ultimate
  • Fule Sigma


Heat 1 and 2 – good start to the morning and set up held straight away even in the slippery conditions.

Heat 3 the throttle linkage came off the arm in the last lap and in heat 4 I went out on tyres with no inserts which were working well but then the engine cut with a lap to go.

C Final – Qualified 5th – Great start gaining a place, 2 laps in the engine started to cut in and out, came into the pits and lost 3/4 laps found a carb screw had come loose and went back out a few solid laps and then the servo horn came loose which meant I lost all steering.  Finished in 11th place completing 9 laps.   

A great day thanks to the hard work from the members of the Brookthorpe Club and a great race day. Next race meeting is the AWS at Deerdale with hopefully a bit more luck.

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NitroXcross – North West Nitro’s

The day started very early with a 5 o’clock alarm! Quick cup of tea and out the door to start the drive up to Blackpool.   We arrived trackside for 7.30 a.m. after a quick pit stop at the services on route where we bumped into Craig and Sarah from Deepest Designz racing team.

The day dawned dull and blustery with very strong gusts, we managed to get the gazebo up with all of us holding onto the canopy to prevent the wind taking it but only raised it to half level in an attempt to keep some cover over us  but not too high so that the wind caught it – We  even arranged vehicles around us trying to make some form of a wind break –  this wasn’t too successful and  resulted in several sore heads when team members forgot and stood up too quickly, eventually we had to take the cover off as the wind was just too strong and had a very icy feel to it. 

We set up the pit tables and whilst Bryn was setting up race control with the NitroXcross equipment I  started to get his racing equipment out of the van and sorted – car,  starter box and pit buddy, hauler, tyre box set up tray etc., when Bryn came back we had a dreadful moment of déjà vu “where’s my radio?” –Oh No! last time I could remember seeing it was the previous night  in the utility room on charge!!! – my heart sank, not another Ledbury!!  Frantic searching started and thankfully it was found underneath the shop stock in the back of the T5, big sigh of relief all round.

Bryn had changed his diff oils to a heavier weight and this did seem to prove beneficial to him, his Team Associated RC8B3.1 was handling nicely but still had a bit of a kick out on the rear, so some minor tweaks were called for, he increased the droop on the rear and raised the ride height by 2ml. The track started off super slippery but as the morning went on and with the wind still blowing a gale it started to dry out and there was talk In the pit tent of Mini Pins – but then a short very sharp burst of rain blew in and the track was wet again.

Its been a while, but Bryn actually managed to get out in all 4 rounds of the qualifying sessions and put in some decent times, what a difference it makes having Sue and Kev in race control, no calls of “Bryn Pound to race control” which meant he could actually have some time to himself to enjoy his racing.

  • Round 1 6 laps in 319.51
  • Round 2 6 laps in 307.06
  • Round 3 6 laps in 310.99
  • Round 4 5 laps in 245.98 – the engine moved after a coming together

B Final started 9th – Bryn got off to a good start and was up to 6th  position in the first lap but then poor marshalling saw him drop down to 12th position but he managed to get back up to his starting position by lap 4 and finished in 10th place completing 17 laps in 904.45 secs pitting for fuel at 10 mins to try and keep clear from the rest of the pack.

Set up:

  • Car                         Team Associated RC8B3.1
  • Engine                  Ultimate M3T
  • Fuel                       Sigma
  • Tyres                     Schumacher Spirals – Silver
  • Diffs                       10.7.5 Team Associated Diff Oils
  • Shocks                  37.5 front 35 rear Associated Shock Oils

There was a good atmosphere all day at the track and the food was superb, supplied and cooked by Liz – thank you, much appreciated. The entry was disappointingly low again, but the hardy racers that attended put in some good competitive racing.   My only complaint is the speed that cars come into the pit lane, please drivers remember to slow down, personally I think all tracks should have speed restrictors fitted to the end of the pit lane – fuel bottles were knocked off as cars launched up the ramp onto the pit lane, ending up slewed across the pit lane resting on the supporting sides, a car ripped Nina’s coat it was that close and could have easily caused more damage to her, it was quite scary at times and I’ve been pitting for over 10 + years – just remember if you injure the pit crew you’re stuffed!

Nina and I were kept on our toes all day as we were pitting for both John and Bryn and at least 5 other East Shrewsbury drivers as well as helping-out any other drivers that need fuelling etc.,  Just having enough time between rounds to grab a quick cup of tea and then back out up to the pit lane to start it all over again. 

The finals proved a challenge for us as we realized that even we couldn’t start 5 off at the same time in the B Final and that wasn’t including our two East Shrewsbury members that bumped up from the C final so it was call in all the favours and get bodies to put them on the start grid, we could then take over the fuelling for all of them, fuelling at  5, 7.30/8.00 and 10 mins just getting them in the right order and the right fuel, thankfully its only Craig and Sarah on different fuel.

Some good results for both John and Bryn and well done to East Shrewsbury BRC we will have some good points there for the club championship as we had the largest entry from any club.

Then it was time to pack it all away back into the T5 and start the journey back home, we got in just before 6, so long day but good fun with lots of laughs and banter as usual from our gang especially when John donned his green tutu and wig!

John “Tolstoy” Green

We arrived bright and early to what would turn out to be a very windy day of racing with the odd rain shower. We put up the team gazebo and unloaded our cars ready to set up but quickly realised that the wind would be far too strong for the gazebo, so the cover was quickly removed.  Anyway, not to be put off we persevered and drivers briefing was called and the usual rules and regulations were read out.  At this point it was raised that our ESBRC member would be sporting a lovely pink tutu with matching hair if the target of £250.00 was reached.  Fortunately, it was raised and Craig being a man of his word took to the rostrum in said tutu and wig.  Just to show support I joined him with wearing my own green tutu and matching wig  – what the hell its Christmas and it is all for a good cause. Back to the main event,  the track looked good and welcoming. I did drive at this circuit last year on the astro track, but I haven’t raced since the layout has been changed.  It was wet to start with so that would confirm the tyre choices for the day as even with the strong wind the track did seem to take a while to dry then the rain would come in again.

Qualifying Rnd 1

I chose to go out on the Hobao Angle Spikes with all rows on the tyre all round. To begin with we had to make a few adjustments to the engine as it didn’t have the power to pull out of the pit lane. A few laps under the 2 min practice and a few more adjustments to the carb on the Blok engine and we were soon running around up to speed. 

The car felt good, but a little edgy,  but I think that was down to running the full spike tyres so after this round I would change them.  We would start off with only having a 5 lap run in 302.53 Not blistering but we were still tuning the engine as we did have a cut but after it was restarted the engine ran fine with no issues.

Qualifying Rnd 2

I decided the stick with the Hobao Angle Spikes but this time I used a set that had the outside row removed all round. This was a vast improvement, my Team Associated RC8B3.1 felt a lot more composed and would give me a lot more confidence going into the faster corners so I could carry a lot more speed without any fear of grip rolling. The car would just start to slide a little on the rear end which is how I prefer this the car to feel. We didn’t make any further changes to the car for this round apart from the tyres. 

This run would see me start to pick up the pace with a 7-lap run in 323.85 which I was pleased with.

Qualifying Rnd 3

This round I decided to stick with the Hobao tyres with the outside row of pins removed. We did have a short burst of the wet stuff so it would make the track wet again so the car would be able to slide and carry more speed …… Well, that was the idea. Unfortunately, the new engine gremlins would rear their ugly heads with then engine cutting out and not really wanting to start and run properly. We leaned it out a little more, but I didn’t really want to go mad as the engine is still very new and tight. I can only put the engine cuts down to the strong cold wind cooling the engine down too much which may have affected the tune and may have also needed to increase my tick over speed. Unfortunately, I would only get 5 lapis this round in 240. 99.

Qualifying Rnd 4

With the engine tuned up again and everything checked over we went out for the last round of qualifying, we were hoping to get another 7 lap run to try and get a bit higher up on the overall list but it was not to be. Whilst on the 2min warm up I took the main jump in front of the rostrum only to be met with a huge gust of wind which really upset the car whist in the air. Unable to compensate for the wind it brought the car down hard on the rear right wheel which resulted in a broken rear wish bone which would be the end of our qualifying before the clock had even begun.

With qualifying over and the car taken back to the pits and repaired I would end up 10th in the B final.

The B. Final

The car was started up on the box to get warmed up and something didn’t sound right, After a quick investigation it was fond that the clutch bearing had failed and was causing the clutch bell to be fouling the clutch resulting in the engine being difficult to start. I pulled the engine out and replaced the bearings. Fortunately, it was as simple as that with the engine re-installed and fired up all was well again.

We lined up on the grid for the 15-minute final, Go was called and away we went. I managed to avoid the first corner carnage and tried to run my own race whilst it unfolded around me. I was going quite well until I had a cut for some strange unknown reason. The car was recovered back to the pits and restarted and fuelled. I continued, now right down the field, so now would just be a recovery drive to try and make the best of a bad situation. I soldiered on the car felt on point all throughout the final and after the first hiccup the engine never missed another beat for the remaining time. I made a late pitstop and would keep picking off the other cars slowly climbing up the field. After the 15minutes would see me end up finishing 6th.

I was happy with my finish considering our early engine issues so I don’t think it was too bad a day.

the Team Associated RC8B3.1 was really good all day and was a joy to drive, not too many changes to the car again mainly tyres choices and a new rear wish bone.

  • My set 3.1 setup
  • Ride height
  • F 24mm
  • R 25mm..
  • Shock oils Associated
  • Front 40wt yellow springs
  • Rear 47.5wt yellow springs
  • Diffs Associated oils
  • F C R
  • 10-10-7
  • Front black anti roll bar
  • Rear yellow anti roll bar
  • Factory team 1.2 & 1.3 tapered pistons
  • Shock lengths
  • F 103.5mm
  • R 120mm
  • Standard rear wing
  • Rear weight 35G
  • Tyres     Hobao angles spikes full and with the outside row removed.

I would like to thank my very cold pit crew (My Wife Nina and the young Cate) I think the running after my car cutting out did help them to warm up from time to time. Seriously Ladies Big thank you to you both for pit duties and tea duties etc.

Thank you to RCM for the tent frame it really did keep the wind out lol…..

Thank you to the sponsors CML Distribution for the continued support.

Thank you to all that donated to get Craig in a pink tutu as well we have raised a lot of money for a very good cause.

As this is the last report before The Christmas holiday,

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

John (Tolstoy) & Nina Green

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Ledbury Winter Club Series

We arrived at the track at Ledbury and were to be greeted by a cold dark damp start to the morning.
The forecast for the day looked good and even the sun broke the early morning mist and shone through.  The track was damp but in great condition, We popped up the tent and unloaded our race gear and settled down for the days racing ahead.

We went out on track just after 8.15 to get some free practise in and to get some fuel through the new borrowed engine. A few adjustments here and there and we were soon running around the track with the rest of the guys.

Round 1 Qualifying

I opted and went out on the Hobao Angle Spikes. This would be a safe choice, the car felt very driveable from the off with next to no hints that it would grip roll even when pushing hard. The tyres would let the rear breakaway a little bit to allow a little bit of drift which I like in a car. We started off with a solid 8 lap run in 6.44.  We did have to work on the engine a little to get it to really start pulling

Round 2 Qualifying

This round I decided to run a slightly harder compound Angle Spike tyre. These felt a little bit too much as the car now felt very edgy with the harder tyres. We still improved on time with another 8-lap run in 6.18.  We didn’t make any changes to the car apart from tyres.

Round 3 Qualifying

With the sun really giving its all and the track quickly drying out I decided to change my tyres and I went for the Proline Pinpoints. This made a great difference and my Team Associated RC8B3.1 was mega to drive. The grip was consistent and there was no hint of grip roll throughout the day on the Pinpoints. No other changes were made to the car during this round of qualifying. We would score 8 laps in 6.22.

I did try and drive in a pair of gloves with the thumbs cut off, but it felt restrictive, so I think therefore my time was slower but at least my hands were warmer. The engine was leaned off 5 mins on both the top and bottom end which really did make it start to come alive.

Round 4 Qualifying

For this round I found my transmitter cover in the boot floor. This made a lot of difference. At least now my hands felt connected and I could really get to grips with the car. We had a good round and the engine was singing on song without missing a beat so far throughout the day.  This round would see us score a 9 lapper in 6.42.  I was more than happy with this score. No changes were made to the car during this qualifying period.

Round 5

For this round I tried to maximise from my previous run of 9 laps. Unfortunately, probably pushing a little too hard, would see me fall just short of a second 9 lap run.  I would only secure 8 laps in 6.03.
No changes made to the car.

The C final

I would qualify 5th in the C final only to find someone else in my grid box at the time. I took up the spare option of 7 and off we went for 15minutes. I made a great start and managed to keep clear of the first corner mishaps. I managed to hang on to the top 2 drivers in my heat who were all running electric. I gave it my all and didn’t give up. I would climb up to 4th and this felt like I was chasing for the sake of it.  I kept on the tail of the third placed electric buggy waiting for him to make a mistake to allow me to take the advantage, which he did. I pushed on keeping the Gaby’s behind me along with the now frustrated 4th place electric buggy. 

I would cross the line in third place after the 15minutes were up to my surprise. I didn’t think I would be able to keep the electric guys behind me as I had managed to do so.
With this result I would be promoted to 10th in the B final.

The B final Bump up.

Again the Blok engine was still running on song and didn’t miss a beat so we didn’t mess with it.
We lined up on the grid in 10th place, Go was called and we were off  – I again made a great start still managing to avoid the first corner pile up. I managed to keep the car where I needed to and defended and made my moves where I could until I made a small mistake on the triple, this would send me down the pack to try and do it all again.

So I did just that, I got stuck in and pushed on and after the 15mins were up I had managed to get up and finish in 5th place which I was made up with.

My Team Associated RC8B3.1 has been on point all daylong from the very start. The Blok engine was an absolute gem of an engine. Smooth power delivery and great mileage to add to that too. Thanks go out to the brother in law for the use of the engine, I don’t think you’ll be getting this back anytime soon!.

Set up:

Ride height
F 23mm
R 24mm..

Shock oils Associated

F 40wt yellow springs springs
R 47.5wt yellow springs
Front black anti roll bar
Rear yellow anti roll bar
Factory team 1.2 & 1.3 tapered pistons
Shock lengths
F 103.5mm
R 120mm

Standard rear wing

Diffs Associated oils

Rear weight 35G

Hobao Angles Spikes
Proline Pin points

Big thanks go out to my very cold Wife and pit crew Nina G for her pitting duties both on and off the track along with her upmost support as always. I couldn’t do it without you.

I would also like to say a big thank you to the sponsors

RC Motorsport
CML Distribution

Finally I would like to say thank you and well done to the Ledbury team I have had a cracking days racing even though the engine is still breaking in with plenty more to still come yet by the feel of it, some great results which are a bonus to top off a great day.

Looking forward to next week’s Nitro X winter series at NWN.

See you all there
John and Nina Green