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Dudley 1:10 Winter Series

Craig Campbell

On Sunday I  went down to the last round of the Dudley winter series, always an enjoyable laid back and fun meeting with some fast racing.

Q1. Went well – with a chassis change and esc set up change, the car felt great and easy to drive getting into the rhythm and getting a 15-lap time.

Q2. Didn’t go quite as well as the first session, however,  the  car was getting better, the track grip came up a little and with the tyres bedding in a bit the  car was on the money until I  started getting caught up with back markers and I made the odd mistake.

Q3. Again no changes to the car as I was happy with the way it  was taking to the track, but again I got  caught up with back markers coming through the field and a tangle with one ended up with me getting stuck on one of the track weights losing a lot of time, but that’s racing.

Q4. So last round to get a good time in, again no change to the car as I was happy with it, so off the line with only 4 cars ahead and all was good, the slower cars moved over a bit more which resulted in a good clean run and getting the 16 lap time that I was after.

Finals. Lined up 8th in the B final, got off to a good start and got round the few cars that got caught up on the 2nd corner then up the wall ride and got through up to 3rd after a few more cars got tangled at the bottom, but after a couple of laps  I made a mistake that put me to the back of the field, so head down to get back through but I could only manage to get back to where I started, 8th overall.

So to sum up, it was a great day of racing with friends and a catch up with those I’ve not seen for a while.  The track was great, and  the meeting was run well by the Dudley crew. My Team Associated RC10B6. 1 was on rails and the Reedy gear powering it round was faultless all day. 


Set Up

Team Associated RC10B6.1

Team Associated shock oils – front 32.5wt, rear 27.5 wt.

Diff 2 gear 7K

Weights – brass bulkhead 32g under lipo.

Camber 1.5 all round

ESC Reedy 510 r

Battery –  – Reedy 4500 mah LiPo

Motor – Reedy Sonic 7.5 t

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