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Brookthorpe Winter Series – John Green

We arrived at a dark and cold and damp morning. The weather forecast was saying there would be rain coming in around 12.00-1.00. As the day broke it was clear and and reasonably pleasant.

Unfortunately, the turnout was very low as I think the potential forecast had put a few people off venturing out.   We started racing around 9.15 with only 2 heats but still at least it was chilled with a break between rounds.

Round 1 

The track was very greasy and not offering much in the way of traction in most of the areas. We opted to go out on the Hobao Angled Spikes which would be the tyre of the day, due to the track surface we wouldn’t be deviating from this tyre anytime soon. The car felt drivable but struggled to get the power down due to how slippery the track surface was. I had plenty of space around me so I just kept putting in the laps minding my own business when I found I’d climbed the pack and was currently leading them all round right up until I started to catch last place to lap. It was never going to happen so now desperately trying to get past them I was forced into taking chances I didn’t want to take but then started making mistakes. Before I knew it, I had lost my lead and then found myself finishing in 4th place with 8 laps in 6.44.

Round 2 

This round I decided to change a couple of things on the car just to try and get a bit more steering from the car and make the rear end a little more planted.  I shortened the rear wheelbase slightly to make the car turn faster and I also lowered the rear camber links and well as using the alternative hole in the rear hubs.  The car did feel a lot better but it did seem a little firm and didn’t really ride the bumpy sections unlike it has done before on the track. I think due to the cold temps the oil was just cold and very thick so this would explain the heavy damping feeling.  This round would be an improvement over my first-round benchmark. I would finish 1st in my heat with 8 laps in 6.38 which was a quicker time than my first run.

Round 3

Round 3 would see the dreaded weather start to take a turn for the worse, a check over on the car back in the pits would see the bearings to the input shaft to the rear gear box starting to fail. Fortunately for us we caught this before it failed otherwise it would have been catastrophic. Bearing replaced and everything else looked spot on so back out we went. No major changes were carried out this round apart from a check of the ride height. 

Out on track it was very slippery this time but was still drivable, nonetheless. I just took my time and drove my own race. This round I would finish 4th again with 8 laps in 6.35 just over half a second behind 3rd place.

Round 4 

With the drizzle now looking as if it was going to stay with us for the day, we went out for what would be the final run of the day. The car felt good and drivable the only change we made this round was the Hobao tyres, we went for a softer compound to try and get a little more bite. This worked well for us and we were mixing it up there at the front end of the pack. Surprisingly this would turn out to be my fastest time of the day with 8 laps in 6.32.

After the qualifying was completed, I would be seeded 9th overall. 

Unfortunately, that would be the end of the days racing as the weather really did turn for the worse just after the last heat. It was deemed that we would not run finals and where we qualified is where we would finish.

My Team Associated RC8b3.1 was very rewarding to drive today.  The whole package with the engine performed flawlessly and were more than quick enough to hold our own. We showed today that its not all about raw speed and power if you can’t use it anywhere on track.

I would like to say a big thank you to my ever so supporting Wife and Pit-crew Nina who looks after me in the pits and the car on the track.

I would like to thank my sponsors,

RC Motorsport.

CML Distribution.

  • My 3.1 set up
  • Ride height 
  • F 23mm
  • R 25mm
  • Shock oils Associated
  • F 37.5wt  Yellow springs 
  • R 32.5wt Blue springs 
  • Front black anti roll bar
  • Rear Grey anti roll bar
  • Factory team 1.2 & 1.3 tapered pistons
  • Shock lengths
  • F 105mm
  • R 120mm
  • STD Kit wing 
  • Diffs Associated oils
  • F  C  R
  • 7K-7K-5K
  • Rear weight 35G 
  • Tyres
  • Hobao Angled Spikes

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