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AWS Round 3 – Deerdale

Chris travelled to the East Midlands on Sunday to compete in round 3 of the AWS series .

Morning practice – Icy conditions and not much grip to start. The day started off ok but as practice progressed, I started to suffer with an electrical problem.

Heat 2 carried out some work on the car before hand and removed the switch to see if this was the problem as the car kept cutting out electrically and didn’t get past the first lap.

Heat 3 having changed more of the electrics went to the start and before we got on the track it was cutting out again.

Heat 4 changed the receiver managed to get my first run of the day in.  As I had only completed 1 heat I was at the bottom of the pile but then the only way is up.

Final  – During the warmup the car decided to glitch again, but a little change to the handset and it seemed to work, so to the line we went. I had a brilliant start and got up to about 5th.  I made a stupid mistake and the marshal couldn’t get to the car due to traffic which cost me loads of time.  I managed to get back up to tenth overall.

I’m glad the weekend’s over as it’s been one issue after another, however, the few laps that I did run, my Team Associated RC8B3.1 handled well.  Onwards and upwards!

Next meeting NitroXcross at Nene Valley.  Thanks to the pit bitch for putting up with me and I even managed to teach her Dominoes. Also, thanks to Jon Howell’s for the set-up tips this weekend as well.

Chris used the set up that he used for Brookthorpe as the attached set up sheet, just changing his rear Team Associated shock oil to 35wt and front to 32.5 wt.

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