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NitroXcross Winter Series – Rd 3 Brookthorpe

Round 3 Winter NitroXcross – 29th December at Brookthorpe. 

We got up at the crack of dawn (5 a.m.)  to travel to Brookthorpe to compete in Round 3 which had attracted a much better entry than the previous 2 rounds – the weather was dry but the track was damp and very slippery, we arrived early enough to get under their covered pit area, which saved having to put up the gazebo.   

With Christmas lights hung and a never-ending supply of mince pies, pork pies, Christmas chocolate and biscuits, the water boiler on for hot drinks, tunes playing  – the usual good- natured banter started we were ready for the day! 


Round 1  – went out to see what the grip was like and whether my tyre choice was the right one and to get to grips with the new jump, but engine problems meant I couldn’t finish the heat.

Round 2 – I went out again to try and finish a qualifying session and stayed on Hobao Angle Spikes with the same set up and  was having a good session, settling into the track when the plug blew just after a jump and that was the end of that round. 

Round 3 – Try again and hope to finish a session, which I did, putting in  6  laps in  340.00

Round 4 –  Out again still using Hobao Angles and managed to improve on my time but not laps. 6 laps in 331.00.

C Final – Qualified 8th in C Final – finished 5th completing 17 laps in 944.00

  • Set up
  • Car Team Associated RC8B3.1
  • Diffs 10.10.15 Team Associated Diff Oil
  • Shocks 37.5 front 32 rear Team Associated Shock Oil
  • Tyres Hobao Angle Spikes
  • Engine Ultimate
  • Fule Sigma


Heat 1 and 2 – good start to the morning and set up held straight away even in the slippery conditions.

Heat 3 the throttle linkage came off the arm in the last lap and in heat 4 I went out on tyres with no inserts which were working well but then the engine cut with a lap to go.

C Final – Qualified 5th – Great start gaining a place, 2 laps in the engine started to cut in and out, came into the pits and lost 3/4 laps found a carb screw had come loose and went back out a few solid laps and then the servo horn came loose which meant I lost all steering.  Finished in 11th place completing 9 laps.   

A great day thanks to the hard work from the members of the Brookthorpe Club and a great race day. Next race meeting is the AWS at Deerdale with hopefully a bit more luck.

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