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Ledbury Winter Club Series

We arrived at the track at Ledbury and were to be greeted by a cold dark damp start to the morning.
The forecast for the day looked good and even the sun broke the early morning mist and shone through.  The track was damp but in great condition, We popped up the tent and unloaded our race gear and settled down for the days racing ahead.

We went out on track just after 8.15 to get some free practise in and to get some fuel through the new borrowed engine. A few adjustments here and there and we were soon running around the track with the rest of the guys.

Round 1 Qualifying

I opted and went out on the Hobao Angle Spikes. This would be a safe choice, the car felt very driveable from the off with next to no hints that it would grip roll even when pushing hard. The tyres would let the rear breakaway a little bit to allow a little bit of drift which I like in a car. We started off with a solid 8 lap run in 6.44.  We did have to work on the engine a little to get it to really start pulling

Round 2 Qualifying

This round I decided to run a slightly harder compound Angle Spike tyre. These felt a little bit too much as the car now felt very edgy with the harder tyres. We still improved on time with another 8-lap run in 6.18.  We didn’t make any changes to the car apart from tyres.

Round 3 Qualifying

With the sun really giving its all and the track quickly drying out I decided to change my tyres and I went for the Proline Pinpoints. This made a great difference and my Team Associated RC8B3.1 was mega to drive. The grip was consistent and there was no hint of grip roll throughout the day on the Pinpoints. No other changes were made to the car during this round of qualifying. We would score 8 laps in 6.22.

I did try and drive in a pair of gloves with the thumbs cut off, but it felt restrictive, so I think therefore my time was slower but at least my hands were warmer. The engine was leaned off 5 mins on both the top and bottom end which really did make it start to come alive.

Round 4 Qualifying

For this round I found my transmitter cover in the boot floor. This made a lot of difference. At least now my hands felt connected and I could really get to grips with the car. We had a good round and the engine was singing on song without missing a beat so far throughout the day.  This round would see us score a 9 lapper in 6.42.  I was more than happy with this score. No changes were made to the car during this qualifying period.

Round 5

For this round I tried to maximise from my previous run of 9 laps. Unfortunately, probably pushing a little too hard, would see me fall just short of a second 9 lap run.  I would only secure 8 laps in 6.03.
No changes made to the car.

The C final

I would qualify 5th in the C final only to find someone else in my grid box at the time. I took up the spare option of 7 and off we went for 15minutes. I made a great start and managed to keep clear of the first corner mishaps. I managed to hang on to the top 2 drivers in my heat who were all running electric. I gave it my all and didn’t give up. I would climb up to 4th and this felt like I was chasing for the sake of it.  I kept on the tail of the third placed electric buggy waiting for him to make a mistake to allow me to take the advantage, which he did. I pushed on keeping the Gaby’s behind me along with the now frustrated 4th place electric buggy. 

I would cross the line in third place after the 15minutes were up to my surprise. I didn’t think I would be able to keep the electric guys behind me as I had managed to do so.
With this result I would be promoted to 10th in the B final.

The B final Bump up.

Again the Blok engine was still running on song and didn’t miss a beat so we didn’t mess with it.
We lined up on the grid in 10th place, Go was called and we were off  – I again made a great start still managing to avoid the first corner pile up. I managed to keep the car where I needed to and defended and made my moves where I could until I made a small mistake on the triple, this would send me down the pack to try and do it all again.

So I did just that, I got stuck in and pushed on and after the 15mins were up I had managed to get up and finish in 5th place which I was made up with.

My Team Associated RC8B3.1 has been on point all daylong from the very start. The Blok engine was an absolute gem of an engine. Smooth power delivery and great mileage to add to that too. Thanks go out to the brother in law for the use of the engine, I don’t think you’ll be getting this back anytime soon!.

Set up:

Ride height
F 23mm
R 24mm..

Shock oils Associated

F 40wt yellow springs springs
R 47.5wt yellow springs
Front black anti roll bar
Rear yellow anti roll bar
Factory team 1.2 & 1.3 tapered pistons
Shock lengths
F 103.5mm
R 120mm

Standard rear wing

Diffs Associated oils

Rear weight 35G

Hobao Angles Spikes
Proline Pin points

Big thanks go out to my very cold Wife and pit crew Nina G for her pitting duties both on and off the track along with her upmost support as always. I couldn’t do it without you.

I would also like to say a big thank you to the sponsors

RC Motorsport
CML Distribution

Finally I would like to say thank you and well done to the Ledbury team I have had a cracking days racing even though the engine is still breaking in with plenty more to still come yet by the feel of it, some great results which are a bonus to top off a great day.

Looking forward to next week’s Nitro X winter series at NWN.

See you all there
John and Nina Green

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