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NitroXcross Winter Series Round 2 Ledbury

Some of the Team ventured down to Ledbury and after the soaking the day before with heavy rain and snow sweeping some parts of the Country, the track had held up well.  Thanks to Chris Lovell for arriving early to sweep the lying water off the track to get it ready to race.

Driver’s briefing was called and after the usual instructions on how the day would run, as it was Remembrance Sunday Bryn asked that all drivers observe a 2-minute silence as a mark of respect as it would be difficult to do this at 11.00 a.m.  this was done at the end of briefing.  Thank you all. 

The weather was kind and the sun shone most of the day, it started off cold but once the temperature came up thermals weren’t needed after all and by the middle of the day coats were even coming off – shame the entry was low. 

Bryn and John were running to get some points in for RCM, well, that was the plan………………………

Bryn opened his radio case and realised that his antenna was missing – he had been using it to try and sort out radio problems on Cate’s  12 scale car and in the rush of a manic Saturday in the shop together with loading the van with team spares,  equipment for NitroXcross and his own race equipment for the race meeting had overlooked this.  A call went out to see if anyone had a spare stick radio or receiver to use another’s radio, but it wasn’t to be, so Bryn took over running Race Control for the first two heats.

Steve Price came to the rescue with a spare radio and receiver and out he went for round 3, but unfortunately the timekeeper was new to the programme and didn’t know how to assign a transponder, so his time didn’t count.

Round 4 it was all or bust and it was bust as the engine moved and that was that!!

John aka disappointed Tolstoy

The weather during the run up to the event was eventful with plenty of the wet stuff making itself known throughout the region. 

Fortunately, the weather app was right when we arrived the weather albeit extremely cold, the sun made an appearance and shone through all day.  We all unpacked and invaded the RCM tent for the day’s hospitalities.  Unfortunately, the turnout would be a low one but that wouldn’t stop us hardened racers from making the most of the days racing ahead.
Drivers briefing was called and the riot act was read to us, after which we would pay our respects to the fallen souls with a 2minutes silence.

Round 1
I ran the setup which I had previously used here at the summer series as it worked really well for me.
We would be running on the Hobao Angle tyres for the first 2 rounds due to the track being predominantly wet but this would gradually dry out through the day with the sun shining on it.
My Team Associated RC8B3.1 felt really good and straight away I managed to get a reasonably good solid 7 lap run in with not too many dramas or issues. I was more than happy with the way the car and engine combo were running.

Round 2
The track was starting to dry out but in a few areas was still wet, so we decided to stay with the Hobao Angles for the time being. We went out and again the car felt good and was going well I would shave a few more seconds off my time and get in a good 7 lap run some 6 seconds faster than my first run which is always encouraging.

Round 3
This round the gremlins would strike with vengeance.
Just after the start of the race was called, I would cross the line to start my run when suddenly all was quiet and that would be my engine cutting. The car was returned to the pits, but it was confirmed as terminal, the engine was locked up for some unknown reason. That would be the end of the Alpha which is very disappointing after only 8 meetings.

Round 4
I installed the spare engine only to be plagued with more problems with that engine not running and going through plugs like they were going out of fashion.  An in-depth investigation was undertaken and it was confirmed that the spare engine was unusable too due to not having any compression.

Overall what track time I got the  Team Associated RC8B3.1 was going really well, I still managed to place the car 4th in the B final with only 2 rounds counting. That would be the end of the day for us.

I helped out the RCM pit girls with fuelling and the starting of the finals for the rest of the gang so at least I was useful in another way after my disappointment.

I would like to say thank you to the team as always for their perfect pitting duties and hospitality as always. I would also like to say thank you to everyone that made the kind gesture of loaning me an engine to allow me to run, but after a day like I had, my heart for once just wasn’t in it I’m afraid.
Still these little setback make us stronger so as they say onwards and upwards.

My set 3.1 setup

Ride height 
F 23mm
R 24mm..
Team Associated Shock oils
F 40wt  yellow springs 
R 47.5wt yellow springs 
Front black anti roll bar
Rear yellow anti roll bar
Factory team 1.2 & 1.3 tapered pistons
Shock lengths
F 103.5mm
R 120mm
Proline rear wing 

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